Glasses & Mirrors for Inspectors

Optical detection units are one of the key elements in automated container inspection. Due to the high quality requirements of the parts integrated there, a maximum of product quality and safety is guaranteed. We have been taking this into account for years with our Glasses and Mirrors in JO® quality. Our special Glasses are characterized by outstanding properties such as high radiation resistance, anti-reflection, coatings and precise machining. Our deflecting Mirrors for optical applications are also of the highest quality, especially when it comes to perfect reflection and flatness. Our dielectrically coated mirrors increase the reflection, are extremely durable and can be cleaned again and again.

You receive detailed and up-to-date information in the following individual chapter areas and the associated PDFs: Deflecting mirrors, Protection panes and Optical glasses (each rectangular or round). If you prefer to download the entire chapter “Special Glasses & Mirrors for Inspectors”, you will find the corresponding PDF at the end of this product page.


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“Special Glasses & Mirrors for Inspectors”