Corner tracks & Straight tracks

Sliding elements used in filling lines, such as Curves and Straight tracks, require excellent sliding and wear properties. Our JO® solution is the choice of high-performance sliding materials that meet these requirements and offer additional benefits. In addition to the required core properties, the materials we use are characterized by a good notched impact strength, low sliding friction, high chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as vibration and noise damping properties.

You receive detailed and up-to-date information in the following individual chapter areas and the associated PDFs: Neck guide curves, Straight tracks, Corner tracks and Accessories. If you prefer to download the entire chapter “Curves & Tracks”, you will find the corresponding PDF at the end of this product page. Parallel to the online offer, our latest JO® catalogue (printed version) provides the information for the status at that time (edition 2021/2022) on pages 126 – 157.


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“Curves & Tracks”