Gripping units for Packing, Sorting & Orientation

As one of the worldwide leading companies for modern Pick-up head technology in the bottling and packaging industries, we offer a comprehensive modular system of Grippers and Components, both for packer manufacturers and end users. The JO® products, some of which are patent-protected, are usually used in classic case packers, robots or sorting systems, but can also be used for any other handling of the bottle that has been picked. Thanks to our elaborated modular system, product modifications or extensions can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted, regardless of whether there are existing third-party products or JO® Grippers.

You receive detailed and up-to-date information in the following individual chapter areas and the associated PDFs: Tulip sleeves and Collars, Long-life tulips (LZP / LTR), Pick-up heads, Suction cups, Pick-up heads (complete), Guide pipes (complete) and Components for pick-up heads. If you prefer to download the entire chapter “Gripping units for Packing, Sorting & Orientation”, you will find the corresponding PDF at the end of this product page.


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“Gripping units for Packing, Sorting & Orientation”