Sprockets & Idlers

JO® Sprockets, Idlers and Idler wheels, regardless of whether they are machined from super-tough cast polyamide, molded as an injection part or made of steel, set worldwide quality standards due to their sophisticated design and high-quality workmanship. As an extension of this product group we offer split Guide rings and split Shafting collars, both either of stainless steel or polyamide.

You receive detailed and up-to-date information in the following individual chapter areas and the associated PDFs: Drive sprockets with keyway, Idler wheels, Idler sprockets (toothed) without keyway, Accessories and Technical information. If you prefer to download the entire chapter “Sprockets & Idlers”, you will find the corresponding PDF at the end of this product page. Parallel to the online offer, our latest JO® catalogue (printed version) provides the information for the status at that time (edition 2021/2022) on pages 2 – 73.



The JO® heavy duty sprocket

Our multifunctional standard product with unbeatable service life.

1Consisting of two parts. Easy to assemble and disassemble.

2Dowel pins in stainless steel avoid a wrest or displace of the two halves and guarantee an exact assembling.

3Reinforced material at the heavily loaded keyway area. Flexible storage – further drilling / grooving are possible any time.

4The special teeth design ensures optimum power transmission even when the chain lengthens.

5Guide rings for special application, in polyamide or stainless steel, can be additionally assembled any time.

6Hygiene: Smooth flush surfaces prevent accumulation of dirt and make cleaning easier.

Injected Sprockets
of the JO® product range

Injected Sprockets are not designed to achieve the long service life of heavy duty sprockets – however, the manufacturing process offers the potential for advantageous shaping.

1Consisting of two parts – easy to assemble and disassemble, inclusive dowel pins.

2Guide rings integrated on both sides.

3Reinforced material at the heavily loaded keyway area.

4The special teeth design ensures optimum power transmission even when the chain lengthens.

5No large internal cavity: No absorption of water and thus no uneven running by unbalanced mass.


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“Sprockets & Idlers”

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